Summer Altered Book

Summer Left Page
Summer Right Page

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Typography: Letters, Fonts, Numbers, Fun

Marie Johansen’s book is a cute little journaling book with the theme Typography. I love fonts so I did my pages with fonts. I choose an open face font page from old font book that I have. I put a design inside each letter and then covered the design with crystal lacquer.


The second page I used an alphabet rub-on and added some wire words that i made

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Along The Line

Pen Stuart is hosting a round robin altered book swap which I joined. We are into our third month. My book title is Along The Line. I’m envisioning “along the line” to be interpreted many different ways… basically anything that involves things on a line. I haven’t put much detail or ideas in the front my book because I’m interested to see how the others interpret this theme.

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The Letter A

I choose the word “abloom” as my word for the altered book with the theme “The Letter A”.

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Wildlife Cricut Cartridge

A real fly was attached to the card.

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Birthday Card

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Star Book

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Cut it out!

Yesterday I went to the local craft store to get some Crackle Accents that I wanted to try out on an upcoming project. While I was there I looked at the stamps to see if there were any bargains and I found this stamp set for $5.99.

Hero Arts Classrom Owl Set

My first thought was cute owls but I would never want to use those sayings with them. My second thought was – cut the words off. And that is what I did when I got home. I haven’t made a card with them yet but this is what the stamps look like without the sayings.

Cute owls!

Next time you find a bargain stamp that you like but you don’t like the entire stamp don’t be afraid to cut it out. All you need is a sharp exacto knife and patience. Sometimes you can save the part you cut out to use with the original image if you decide you want the original image.

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Garden people

Today I went to some garage sales with a couple of friends. At the first one we stopped at I saw these garden people and fell in love with them. They are holding a rectangle pan to put plant in. I’m not sure where they are going to go yet.

They were priced at $1 each. I picked them up and was carrying them around with the person holding the sale came to me and told me that this gentleman had already paid for them. I was disappointed to say the least. She told me that she was sorry. I told her I would have given her $2 each for them, no $5 each for them. Somehow the man that bought them talked to her again and she told him that I would have paid $5 for them. We were at a community were quite a few people were having garage sales. I was at one of the other houses looking at things and the man who had bought them came up to me and asked if I still wanted them. He said he had heard that I was willing to pay a high price for them.

So, that’s how they came home for me.  And, I’m wondering, how much would you pay for these garden people?

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